The EdTech Genome Project

Why do edtech tools work differently in various contexts? SETDA Executive Director Candace Dodson and Professor Bart Epstein, President and CEO of the nonprofit Jefferson Education Exchange, discuss the Edtech Genome Project. Listen to the interview below:

Creating a Digital ‘Student Safety Net’

As the number of counselors and psychologists continues to decrease, school districts throughout the country are using Gaggle to address the top priority: student safety. Listen to the interview below:

Multicultural Education: Meet the Winners of the ALAS Scholarship Award

Education Talk Radio Meet two wonderful educators and winners of ALAS scholarships sponsored by Curriculum Associates: Belinda Reyes, Executive Director of Multicultural Curriculum in Osceola, Florida Beatriz Maldonado, Director of Language Acquisition in Berwyn, Illinois Listen to the interview below:

Teaching Reading to English Language Learners

Education Talk Radio Hear from educator Carol Behel, 2019-20 Alabama Teacher of the Year who is an expert in teaching reading to English language learners. She is Board Certified as a ‘New Language” educator. Listen to the interview below: