Equity and Social/Emotional Learning

Education Talk Radio From old friends at Aperture Education, we have Paul LeBuffe, their VP of Research and Development, on how proper SEL supports equity. Listen to the interview below:

Neuroeducation: Teaching as a Science

Education Talk Radio We’re going wild with NILD, a first-time guest with whom we’ll be be speaking about EQUITY and meeting the needs of exceptional learners. Our NILD guest is their Executive Director Kristin Barbour. Listen to the interview below:

Sustaining Achievement for Students With Diverse Needs

Education Talk Radio Our wonderful and talented guests are Curriculum and Assessment Director Dr. Ebony T. Lee and Douglas’ Title l Lead Tutor Collette Christopher on overcoming the challenges. Thank you, Curriculum Associates. Listen to the interview below:

Rural Education: A Call to Action in Kentucky

Education Talk Radio One of the most concerning national struggles is bringing educational equity to all students in rural America. These Kentucky teachers talked to Larry about the report that could end up serving as a blueprint for rural education in every state. Listen to the interview below:

Advancing Equity in All Environments

Education Talk Radio A chat with 2019 FETC presenters Tara Brown of Learner’s Edge Consulting and Kelsey Olsen, Director of Partnerships at Shmoop. Listen to the interview below:

Classroom Tools That Drive Equitable Access and Outcomes

Education Talk Radio An inspiring and illuminating discussion with Ken Tam, Executive Director of Personalized Learning and Assessment at Curriculum Associates and Educational Psychologist Lori Jackson, a SEL and Ed Tech expert and cofounder of The Connections Model. Listen to the interview below: