Work-Based Learning for Students with Disabilities: Partnerships with State Agencies and Local Businesses

By Tracey Maccia (originally published in the April 2019 issue of AC&E) John Dewey (1916) said that students learn best when learning activities are explicitly connected to the real world. Meaningful work-based learning experiences are unmistakably connected to the real world

Rethinking 12th Grade

By Michael Dannenberg and Anne Hyslop (originally published in the April 2019 issue of AC&E) Homecoming. Prom. Commencement. For generations of Americans, senior year of high school has been a rite of passage. But senior year also brings senioritis and that

Saline Area Schools’ New Partnership With Discovery Education Focuses on Helping Students Develop “4C” Skills

Silver Spring, MD (October 3, 2019) — Michigan’s Saline Area Schools (SAS) today announced a new multiyear partnership with Discovery Education focused on helping district students build proficiency in the “4C” (Communication, Creativity and Innovation, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Problem


Education Talk Radio Always welcome here, our good friend Dr. Joan Wade, Executive Director of AESA, (National Organization of Educational Service Agencies) and Kansas ESA Director of ESSDACK, Dr. Mike Cook. Listen to the interview below: